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Yellowstone Chamber Players

Sponsored by Dr. Stephen and Marilyn Kramer, the Yellowstone Chamber Players gave their second concert for the group’s 2009-2010 season in an intimate setting at the Yellowstone Art Museum on Sunday. Performing works by Krommer, Kalliwoda and ending with Beethoven, the five featured musicians awed their audience with superior technique, confident executions and melting emotion.

Unlike a symphony setting where handfuls of musicians play a single part, chamber music requires musicians to perform independently, unsupported.

These top-notch local players shamelessly exposed their talents with metronomic rhythm and seemingly inexhaustible zeal. While playing, at times, competing and inconsistent parts, the musical result remained tightly knit and controlled through listening, constant eye contact and an obvious understanding of the whole works.

Proving their true musical fluency, these instrumentalists not only played the written notes in perfect tune and time, they sank deeper into piece and surfaced with its mood. They flavored the basic notes with their corresponding emotions through techniques, dynamics and ornamentals.

Now in its 29th season, the Yellowstone Chamber Players will skip December for the holidays and perform next at 3 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 24, again at the Yellowstone Art Museum. For more information about this group, visit their website at