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with Con Spirito
Cisel Hall, MSU-B at 3:00 pm
Sponsor: Hansen Music
String Quartet in D Major, Op. 11 by Tschaikowsky
Cripple Creek by Tom Porter
How do I Love Thee by Nathan Christensen
Nada te turbe by Joan Szymko
Quiet Land of Erin by Judith Watson
The Snow by Edward Elgar
Tum Balalayka by Marjan Helms
Musicians for this concert:
pictured above
Con Spirito members: Julie Bishop, Jennine Budge, Megan Carling, Nancy Downing, Rosalie Foster, Joan Fritz, Lesley Jorden, Tibby Lyngby, Shirley Oakley
pictured below:
Mary LaMonaca, violin; Amy Letson, viola; Carol Critelli, cello; Kathy Griffin, violin
not pictured: Delores Vigesaa